Consulting Services

Our Consultants have over 20 years of experience incorporating food safety, environmental issues, health codes, fire safety, and other regulations of the industry into their design. In addition, our ability to properly evaluate the needs of a renovation project enhances the ability to properly plan and budget for a project.

Quality Control

The Kamran and Company, Inc. firmly believes that Total Quality Management is the only way to ensure the timely and cost efficient installation of a project. From the very beginning, great care is taken in reviewing the design of the food service facility to make sure that it is both constructible and . By using our large buying power, we make sure that the manufacturers provide nothing but the best warrantee service to the customer. Next, by requiring on-site factory inspections of all custom installed items, our project managers make sure that the equipment meets our high standards before it gets to the jobsite. This prevents costly and time consuming delays that could really hinder the progress and quality of a job. Finally, once equipment is installed, The Kamran and Company, Inc. standard operating procedure dictates that installers must immediately confirm installation with the Superintendant and have it signed off by the general contractor. This procedure allows for efficient and timely installation. After the installation, The Kamran and Company, Inc. provides startup and demonstration of equipment using manufacturer representatives to train the owner’s support staff. During the warranty period, The Kamran and Company, Inc. provides coverage for the quality of the installation and equipment. By utilizing a Total Quality Management approach, The Kamran and Company, Inc. ensures that its clients get the highest quality product available.

Safety Management

Being a large company with many projects occurring simultaneously, The Kamran and Company, Inc. is well aware of the need for the implementation of strict safety procedures. Therefore, The Kamran and Company, Inc. has established a standard of Tailgate Weekly Safety Meetings at each jobsite for the installers and in the office for the Project Managers. The company safety procedures also must be followed during the design phase to ensure that safety issues are minimized. Furthermore, a copy of the company Safety Manual is carried at all times by the installers and is available at the office. The efforts of The Kamran and Company, Inc.'s safety program are infinitely apparent in our low EMR rates.

Safety at Kamran and Company, Inc. is taken very seriously. Every installer has a copy of the The Kamran and Company, Inc. Illness and Injury Prevention Program. Furthermore, all installers are required to carry with them and abide by the The Kamran and Company, Inc. Code of Safe Practices (link), as well as the The Kamran and Company, Inc. Safety Policy and Procedures (link). Finally, our installers are either OSHA 10 certified or OSHA 30 certified.